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Meet Jo Adams

Your Guide to Midlife Transformation

Jo’s personal journey

Five years ago, life took an unexpected turn for Jo. Navigating the valleys of divorce and personal reevaluation, she emerged stronger, happier, and more confident. This transformative journey, while challenging, led Jo to discover an unwavering passion for fitness, health, and the art of embracing life.

Today, at 49, Jo isn’t defined by her challenges but by her unyielding spirit to live life to the fullest. As a single mum, she embodies resilience, determination, and a passion for health and fitness that’s infectious.

Midlife transformation through the menopause with Jo Adams Coaching

Why Jo?

Jo’s approach to coaching is rooted in her personal experiences. She understands the unique journey midlife women face, especially during the intricate path of perimenopause and menopause. But it’s not just her knowledge that sets her apart—it’s her authenticity, her relatability, and her genuine desire to see every woman thrive.

Women are drawn to Jo because they see a reflection of their aspirations in her. They witness a woman who has transformed her life, who balances work, rest, and play, and who radiates positivity and energy. Jo’s story is a testament to the fact that age is just a number, and it’s never too late to chase your dreams and live a life filled with passion and purpose

Jo’s Philosophy

At the heart of Jo’s coaching lies a simple yet powerful philosophy: Fitness, nutrition, and embracing life are the antidotes to the challenges of perimenopause and menopause. By integrating these pillars into her life, Jo has crafted a blueprint for midlife transformation that she’s eager to share with other women.

Jo believes in living by example. She’s created work she loves, exercises to feel and look great, transformed her relationships, and prioritises getting outdoors and socialising. She’s a beacon of positivity, showing women that they can redefine midlife and rediscover their love for life

Midlife Transformation journey with  Jo Adams Coaching


6-week programme

'Jo was introduced to me by a friend after her own success with Jo’s program. It was probably the best gift to have been given. I was someone who had a basic knowledge of fitness and thought they knew what to eat. I joined the 6-week programme and spent this time learning many new things. I learnt what to eat to improve my energy levels, with the added bonus of weight loss, energy and feeling full was probably my biggest area I wanted to get to grips with.
Jo’s weekly speakers were so interesting and gave me a different way of thinking about things. During this period I changed so much for the better, and I have continued to do so, maybe with the occasional slip up here and there.
Jo’s kindness and understanding of life was incredible, she guided me along the way with check ins and positive messages.
There is no way I would have achieved where I am today (now 4 months in working with Jo). She has completely changed my life, my approach to food and exercise. I wanted to say to others, ‘take that leap, know that you will be looked after by Jo and you will achieve your goals!’

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