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Essentially M-powered: Empowering Workplaces for Midlife Women

Support, Understand, and Thrive: A Holistic Approach to Menopause in the workplace.

Essentially M-Powered is the collaboration between Jo Adams and Alison Bartolo, an ITEC Level 3 Qualified Therapist, Founder of the Ditch and Switch Low-Tox Wellness Series and Online Business Coach.

M-Powered: Understanding the intricacies of menopause and providing comprehensive support for employees going through this transition to foster a positive workplace culture.

The majority of working women experiencing menopause symptoms say it has a negative impact on them at work, with a massive 92%* saying that it has affected them. These symptoms, ranging from physical discomfort to emotional well-being, can have a profound impact on their daily lives and work performance. (* Government Equalities Office)

Women over the age of 50 are the fastest growing group in the workforce, and the average age for the menopause transition is 51. As more women go through the menopause during their working lives, it’s vital that employers understand how best to support their staff to allow them to continue to do their jobs.

Understanding the intricacies of menopause and providing comprehensive support for employees going through this transition is essential for fostering a positive workplace culture. Informed and supported employees tend to be more engaged, productive, and loyal.

Here’s how our menopause training program can benefit your business:

Tailored Training Sessions:

We offer bespoke training sessions that can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, covering topics such as understanding menopause, its impact on individuals and the workplace, and strategies for holistic management.

Empowering Your Staff:

Educated employees are better equipped to manage their menopausal symptoms and continue performing at their best. By offering this training, you demonstrate your commitment to their well-being.

Enhancing Workplace Culture:

A menopause-friendly workplace fosters a culture of inclusivity, empathy, and support. This, in turn, attracts and retains committed employees.

Menopause Policy:

As part of our comprehensive offering, we can provide a bespoke menopause policy tailored to your business. This policy outlines the accommodations, resources, and support mechanisms in place to help employees during their menopausal journey.

The Benefits

Transformative for individuals and businesses alike:

For Women:

Navigate menopause confidently with strategies tailored for your well-being.

For Businesses:

Retain your talented workforce, minimize absenteeism, and amplify productivity.

For Teams:

Cultivate a harmonious, understanding, and cohesive work environment, boosting morale and collaboration


Essentially M-Powered

'Introducing Essentially M-powered was transformative. Our female staff feels genuinely supported, and the ripple effect on team morale and productivity has been remarkable.’

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